Harvey Weinstein assaulted by diner outside Arizona restaurant

Harvey Weinstein assaulted by diner outside Arizona restaurant

Harvey Weinstein assaulted by diner outside Arizona restaurant

On Tuesday night, a drunk man slapped Harvey Weinstein in the face at an Arizona restaurant.

Videos shows the former Hollywood mogul leaving Elements in Scottsdale when a man hits Weinstein twice in the face with his backhand.

One of the men, identified simply as "Steve", walked up to Weinstein and told him he loved his movies and wanted to take a picture with him. Steve said Weinstein became belligerent, though the restaurant manager told TMZ the producer was "very sweet about it" and said, "I'd rather not take a picture right now".

The restaurant manager claims Weinstein dodged two punches and nearly fell over as he stepped back.

In October, TMZ also reported that Weinstein arrived in Arizona for rehab. Weinstein left the scene without calling the police. While he did call him out for his treatment of women, to us, the fact that Steve had asked for a photo and then got his friend to film the encounter smacks of wanting attention, too.

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Initial reports stated that Steve tried to "punch" Weinstein, but neither of the blows landed.

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lupita N'yongo and Ashley Judd are among the women to accuse Weinstein of making an unwanted sexual advance when they were young actresses.

Weinstein's spokeswoman, Sallie Hofmeister, told the Times in a statement, "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein".

Weinstein was forced to step down as a board member at his production firm The Weinstein Company past year (17), after the publication of exposes in The New York Times and New Yorker magazine, detailing decades of alleged sexual misconduct and assault.

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