Activision Blizzard CEO: Overwatch League seeing a lot of traction

Activision Blizzard CEO: Overwatch League seeing a lot of traction

Activision Blizzard CEO: Overwatch League seeing a lot of traction

On Tuesday, Activision Blizzard announced a two-year deal to stream Overwatch League matches on Twitch. One of the biggest tasks that lay ahead of the production was to make the game's chaotic action easy to follow across 12 players, and day one of the Overwatch League was evidence that this has been achieved. Featuring two of the most anticipated teams in the league clash on the first day of the league's official start, it proved to be a nail-biting series of games that showcased some of the most impressive individual plays Overwatch has ever seen. This treatment does not include transmission rights, but technological development and commercialization.

This $90 million deal is similar to the one put together by Riot Games and BamTech in 2016 for exclusive League of Legends streaming, though that was larger at a reported $300 million according to PCGamesN. It has also led some to criticise the timing saying that the league will lose out on viewers due to the lack of promotional time. Overwatch League team uniforms are now available to purchase as in-game skins, giving fans a fun way to show their support for their favorite teams.

It's not such a surprise the event attracted so many eyeballs, the Overwatch League has had a huge PR push over the last 24 hours.

Before the Overwatch League took over the top tier of Overwatch esports, Korean player Se-yeon played with one of the top teams in the world, ROX Orca. New team skins plus a host of new updates have been released, as indicated in the "Overwatch" patch notes for January 10.

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The Overwatch League is the first major global professional esports league with city-based teams across Asia, Europe, and North America. The Valiant and the Gladiators dominated San Francisco Shock and Shanghai Dragons with 4 to 0 victories. And with franchise buyers reportedly spending millions of dollars for their teams, they'll want to see high viewership.

Getting a team skin for the entire roster will run a player at around $1,200 worth of League Tokens, as Gamespot points out.

To buy the new skins, a new currency has been added to the game called League Tokens which can be bought via microtransactions. Not only is the Overwatch League shaping up to be a compelling viewing experience for fans of the FPS, but it seems destined to attract a slew of newcomers to the game, too.

Tomorrow's matches are: London Spitfire vs Florida Mayhem, Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws, and Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior.

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