Ford is building a hotter SUV: the Edge ST

Ford is building a hotter SUV: the Edge ST

Ford is building a hotter SUV: the Edge ST

We'll know the Edge as the Ford Endura, but while Oz gets a family-focused diesel powertrain, the American market's new hero model will be packing a powerful petrol engine tweaked by Ford Performance.

But Ford, by applying an ST badge to its new high-performance version of the 2019 Edge, has raised an interesting question: Is vehicle performance truly the only essential character quality of an ST, or has the badge come to stand for something more?

Much like the Fusion, the Edge will be fitted with a 355-horsepower 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, all-wheel-drive and an automatic transmission - albeit an eight-speed, as opposed to six - with paddle shifters. It will hold gears near redline while cornering and rev-match for downshifts. sport suspension with retuned dampers, springs and standard 20-inch wheels.

Performance brakes are optional, as are 21-inch wheels and summer Pirelli tires. Along with a new sleek grille these features help the Edge look shorter and wider, more like a sports auto than a top-heavy SUV, and help give the Edge more modernity by rounding off the, ahem, edges. The eight-speed auto should give the computer more options for channeling power through the standard AWD system.

Sporty on the inside as well as the outside, the Ford Edge ST offers better handling and braking in Sport Mode.

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The new ST accompanies a refresh for the entire Edge lineup, which Ford calls its "medium-utility" vehicle.

While it would be surprising for a twin-turbo V6 Edge to make it to the UK - Ford now only offers diesels here - it would also be perhaps the first time an ST model wasn't offered in this market.

The Edge is a steady seller for Ford.

The reign of the sedan is over-mowed down by the fuel-sipping Escapes and EcoBoost-powered Expeditions-and it's for that reason that Ford made a decision to funnel its R&D money into the all-new Edge crossover. Built in North America, the Edge has also been given upgraded safety technology, with post-collision braking, evasive steering assistance and adaptive control now available in the car's home country. A 12-speaker B&O Play system from Harman will handle audio. A wireless charging pad, a Wi-Fi hotspot capable of connecting up to 10 devices at once, as well as the latest version of Ford SYNC, now compatible with Ford+Alexa, will make their way in the crossover.

Images of the Edge in Titanium guise depict subtle front-end changes over its predecessor, with key differences being a wider front grille that is flanked by new-look LED headlights, foglights and daytime running lights, as well as a redesigned bonnet and bumper.

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