Honda Insight Prototype Previews Sleek New Hybrid Sedan

Honda Insight Prototype Previews Sleek New Hybrid Sedan

Honda Insight Prototype Previews Sleek New Hybrid Sedan

It will slot in between the Civic and Accord in Honda's lineup and offer room for up to five passengers. None of them came close to the successful Prius.

It's powered by the same hybrid powertrain as the 2018 CR-V hybrid, which is scheduled to go on sale in the United Kingdom in August.

Although Honda calls the Insight a prototype, the concept has gotten the green light; the automaker says it'll arrive in late 2018. Low-profile LED headlamps and taillamps are combined with a broader example of Honda's distinctive grille, while the aerodynamically tapering roof-line has echoes of a four-door coupe. Which means it should share its 2700-millimetre wheelbase.

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A "concept" for the 2019 Honda Insight hybrid sedan will appear at the Detroit auto show that opens next week, debuting a new "premium compact" model that will sit between the compact Civic and mid-size Accord sedans. Honda has received a fair bit of flak for its infotainment system lately, but it promises more intuitive, smartphone-like features and functionality this round, including customisable app tiles and home-screen shortcuts, along with available Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and WiFi-enabled over-the-air system updates. Since the battery pack is located under the rear seats, the Insight's trunk should be similar in volume to the Civic's (rated at 428 litres) and 60/40-split folding seatbacks will be standard as well. It's powered by a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine, a powerful electric propulsion motor and lithium-ion battery pack.

Like the two previous cars with that name, it's a hybrid, but as yet, there's no word on the finer technical details of the vehicle - how powerful its engine is or how far it can go on electric power alone, for example. We're thinking about 150 to 160 hp, which would be higher than its rivals. Since then, we've known to expect a new auto with fresh styling, premium features and improved performance. The automaker expects the new Insight to get a combined EPA fuel-economy rating "in excess of 50 mpg" - but will that be enough to draw shoppers away from hybrid heavyweight, the Toyota Prius?

"The new 2019 Honda Insight signals we are entering a new era of electrification with a new generation of Honda products that offer customers the benefits of advanced powertrain technology without the traditional trade-offs in design, premium features or packaging", said Henio Arcangeli, Jr., senior vice president of Automobile Sales and general manager of the Honda Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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