Microsoft Finally Brings Encrypted Conversations to Skype

Microsoft Finally Brings Encrypted Conversations to Skype

Microsoft Finally Brings Encrypted Conversations to Skype

But professionals usually prefer skype and the company is looking forward to making their conversation secured.

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new feature which allows end-to-end encryption in Skype conversations which is dubbed as "Private Conversation".

These private conversations can be used with audio calls and text chat, but can only be used on a single device at a time. Under this partnership, Signal will help Microsoft bring a new feature to Skype called 'Private Conversations.' With Private Conversations, users can choose to engage in conversations secured by end-to-end encryption, a feature many Skype users have been requesting but that still isn't available to general users. Each private conversation's content will be hidden in both the chat list and from notifications for better privacy.

On one hand, this is an excellent new feature for Skype but on the other, why did it take so long to arrive?

If Microsoft gives the go-ahead and E2E support lands in the Skype stable release, all of today's major IM platforms will be supporting encrypted conversations as optional, non-default features. Those encrypted messages can only be read by people involved in the communication.

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Once your contact has accepted your invitation, you may now start your Private Conversation. Also, in this category are Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Telegram.

Whisper's Signal app was originally considered to be one of the more reliable apps to communicate privately between two devices, receiving full marks on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's first scorecard for secure messaging apps.

Separately, there was a flap earlier this week about hackers and spies being able to slip into Signal-protected WhatsApp group chats by compromising WhatsApp servers.

This means that you will have to enter into the "Private Conversations" mode with whomever you want to have an encrypted conversation with. However, the end-to-end goes a step further than this by encrypting stored messages as well.

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