Trump Declares Collusion Between Democrats And Russians During Joint Press Conference

Trump Declares Collusion Between Democrats And Russians During Joint Press Conference

Trump Declares Collusion Between Democrats And Russians During Joint Press Conference

The two leaders also discussed military cooperation, trade and their different responses to climate change.

When Solberg pointed earlier in the day that US-made electrically powered Teslas were very popular in Norway, Trump replied "Oh, good".

Norway contributes to USA economy, United States produces good products.

In joint press conference with Prime Minister Erna Solberg, President Trump encourages Norway to spend 2 percent of its GDP on defense as outlined by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation guidelines. Her welcome and their press conference received live and broad coverage back home. The Norwegians, Trump said "are very big investors in our stock market", and he seemed to take credit for how well stock investments have done in the current bull market.

Trump later said during the meeting: "To me, a "clean" bill is a bill of DACA". As a result, nearly half of the new cars in the country are electric.

Norway's power sector is nearly carbon neutral, with hydropower covering roughly 95% of domestic power generation, even though it is home to the biggest hydrocarbon reserves in Europe and the fifth-largest exporter of crude oil in the world.

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Encouraged by generous government tax credits, about one-third of Norwegians drive zero-emission electric cars - many of them American-made Teslas.

The theme of the talks between Trump and Solberg also covers defense and security policy and global cooperation. "We need the wall for stopping the drugs from coming in", Trump said when asked if he would sign a bill that didn't include funding for the wall.

Solberg and her foreign minister, Ine Eriksen Søreide, met Norwegian reporters outside the White House after their meetings inside.

While Solberg defended the Paris treaty, saying the Nordic country was "committed" to it, she did not publicly correct Trump's wrong statements.

Whatever Solberg said to Trump, she was also efficient.

"The discussion you've had in the United States has, of course, lifted this issue in all European countries", Solberg said Wednesday in an interview with The Washington Post. He went on to thank the Prime Minister for troop and humanitarian assistance in the fight against terrorism and ISIS.

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