Trump expresses openness to talk to North Korea

Trump expresses openness to talk to North Korea

Trump expresses openness to talk to North Korea

Kim, in a speech last week, said the "nuclear button is always on my desk", prompting Trump to respond in a tweet that his nuclear button is "a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!"

"I'm not saying I have or haven't", Trump said.

The former deputy commander of South Korea's army, In-Bum Chun, told an audience at the Policy Exchange think tank in London that although a military option to deal with the North did exist, it should be the last option.

"The North Koreans see growing signs, reflecting President Donald Trump's "America First" principle, that the United States is prepared to accept the bad loss of lives that would result from a large-scale military conflict with North Korea".

Although Trump's tone toward North Korea and its leader mostly ranged from "Little Rocket Man" and threats of "fire and fury" previous year, Trump, at times, has also praised its leader and indicated that he would be open to talks with him. "I could give you 20 examples".

Asked if he had spoken with Kim, Trump was evasive: "I'm not saying I have or haven't". "I just don't want to comment".

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Multiple outlets have also reported that the Trump administration is debating the possibility of pursuing a "bloody nose" strategy - a first, targeted strike to deter North Korea from proceeding with its weapons testing.

The pope addressed diplomats a day before North Korea and South Korea are due to hold talks expected to address North Korea's participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Trump's statements on North Korea have veered between aggressive and conciliatory.

Mr Trump attempted to explain the aggressive tweets on Thursday, telling the Journal: "You'll see that a lot with me, and then all of the sudden somebody's my best friend". You could give me 30. It announced it had postponed its joint military exercises with the USA, an annual event that North Korea believes encroaches on their sovereignty, earlier this month. "I'm a very flexible person".

A B-1B Lancer strategic bomber, two F-35A and two F-35B stealth jets of the U.S. and two F-16K and two F-15K fighters of South Korea fly in formation over the Korean Peninsula in this year's annual joint South Korea-U.S. air force drill, Vigilant Ace, on December 6, 2017, in this photo provided by the air force.

North Koreans are also genuinely anxious the United States could launch a preventive war on the peninsula.

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