5 flu-related deaths in New Hampshire, flu not widespread

5 flu-related deaths in New Hampshire, flu not widespread

5 flu-related deaths in New Hampshire, flu not widespread

The number of people stricken by flu continues to rise across the country, with 15,572 laboratory-confirmed cases for the season as of January 6, the Public Health Agency of Canada says.

But in an update on Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said patient traffic for flu at US hospitals was no longer skyrocketing the way it was in December.

"Flu is everywhere in the US right now", Jernigan said. Friday, the agency said seven more children have died from flu complications, bringing the total number to 20 pediatric deaths.

Safranek said a vaccine for people with egg allergies, called Flublok seems to be more effective this year. "There's nearly no area in the county that's seen no influenza activity at this point".

The highest rates of hospitalizations are among those over the age of 65, but hospitalizations for those 50 to 64 is also high and increasing, Jernigan noted.

Jernigan said clinicians should still give antivirals to patients, especially young children or older adults, at the first sign of suspected flu and not wait until laboratory confirmation.

While the outbreak continues, Grayson said it's "business as usual" at Texas Health Resources along with other hospitals around North Texas. It is one of the four strains in the flu vaccine, but it's mutating, making it hard to vaccinate against.

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"These personal losses are a reminder for all of us that flu can be a serious illness, for young and old alike", Department for Public Health Acting Commissioner Dr. Jeffrey D. Howard.

Each year, when scientists put together the flu shot, they take an educated guess on what strains of the flu virus will best protect the most patients.

It's been a record-setting flu season in St. Louis City and county.

"There are at least 11 to 13 more weeks of influenza to go", Jernigan said.

It's the early appearance of Influenza B that's creating problems, as it doesn't usually show up until February or March. This year, the H3N2 strain is spreading fast, and appears to be more widespread and potent than last year.

Most importantly, he says, people still need to get their flu shot. It's still the best protection against H3N2 flu and other flu strains, such as H1N1 and B viruses.

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