Flood watch posted for Thursday, Friday across WNY

Flood watch posted for Thursday, Friday across WNY

Flood watch posted for Thursday, Friday across WNY

Thursday looks cold and dry with a high temperature in the teens and 20s. In addition, driving conditions after the rain stops are expected to be hard, as temperatures are expected to drop once again come late Saturday/earlySunday, resulting in flooded streets becoming encrusted with heavy patches of ice. The greatest flooding [poor drainage and basement] threat will be from this evening through early Saturday as the heaviest rain combines with rapid snowmelt.

On Tuesday it's a challenging forecast as we're going to have a wave of low pressure on an arctic boundary coming across the Midwest and to New England.

Rainfall could break up any ice on the river and cause flooding as the ice builds up at constructions.

Emergency management officials said they were dealing with flooding in parts of Malone starting Friday morning. Snow is expected from Friday evening, and will continue into Friday night, tapering off Saturday morning.

On Friday, temperatures in MA will soar into the upper 50s, and maybe even lower 60s.

The last time the temperature remained BELOW freezing for a week or more was in February of 2014. Notice the colder air behind it - that's arriving Saturday.

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A FLOOD WATCH is in effect for the entire state from this morning through midday tomorrow.

The National Weather Service predicts that Sunbury will receive less than a half inch of new snow/sleet accumulation tonight and less than one inch of new snow accumulation on Saturday. The highest totals are ikely over southeastern MA.

The flood watch began on Thursday night.

Of course if your basement ends up with water in it, that is major for you.

A dry, breezy, and cold stretch follows for Saturday Night into Monday.

These situations are always a race between how much precipitation falls before the cold air moves in. Any standing water (and there will be a lot of it) will freeze up quickly.

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