LG Electronics to showcase the world's biggest 'rollable' TV at CES 2018

LG Electronics to showcase the world's biggest 'rollable' TV at CES 2018

LG Electronics to showcase the world's biggest 'rollable' TV at CES 2018

LG Display will be unveiling a 65-inch "rollable" display with Ultra High Definition resolution at CES, the company announced. This is not all, however, as it plans to add another interesting product to the mix. At CES 2016, LG's first foldable 18-inch display had been introduced, which can be folded into shape of a cone. Fast-forward to this week, LG has come back with its next attempt - only bigger and better than before. All told, there's no rush to upgrade if you scored one of LG's higher-end TVs in the past year or two.

The oven is also able to share information about the dish it just cooked with the company's connected QuadWash dishwasher, which then selects the most appropriate wash cycle to rinse the dishes properly. LG has just unveiled a 65in 4K television set that rolls up like a poster when it's not in use.

LG Electronics led overall OLED TV shipment volume in November, with a 31% month-on-month increase in shipments.

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The rollable form factor of the new prototype device could be useful in making the television easier to store and to transport. "OLED is clearly a next-generation technology leader and for this reason, LG Display is accelerating its research and development into OLED so that we can provide differentiated products to customers and markets". The new OLED series will include the G8, C8, E8 and B8 series of televisions which will range from 55 to 75 inches.

What can we expect from LG in 2018 though? Say the fridge knows it contains ingredients for a lasagne; it will heat up the oven accordingly while Amazon Alexa, integrated into the fridge for the first time, will walk you through the recipe with voice instructions.

Stepping away from the entertainment room and into the kitchen, LG has also embedded its new ThinQ system into a smart fridge, called the InstaView. We also got to see a bunch of concept robots in action which would be used for commercial purposes like delivering your morning paper in a hotel or helping you carry your groceries in a shopping mall.

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