Patients Worried About Future Of Medical Marijuana

Patients Worried About Future Of Medical Marijuana

Patients Worried About Future Of Medical Marijuana

"My concern is that there is a lack of transparency when it comes to priorities at the Department of Justice, how those will be carried out, and that we now have...50-plus USA attorneys...who are going to be making decisions that may be at odds with other states", Gardner told Denver7 Wednesday.

At Ermont on Tuesday, a medical marijuana dispensary in Quincy, they had a sign on the door, telling patients they could only buy with cash. Last week, Sessions rescinded an Obama-era policy allowing marijuana to be sold without federal prosecution.

The Senate is now considering drafting language into the pending appropriations bill that would ban the use of federal funds to cracking down on retail marijuana in states that have passed laws allowing it.

Citing a 2016 report, he criticized Washington state for failing to merge our medical and retail marijuana systems.

In 2013, the Justice Department issued the "Cole memo," which said that the federal government would not enforce the Controlled Substance Act's ban on marijuana in states that had legalized it.

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., Rep. Coffman, R-Colo., Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., and Rep. Ed Perlmutter, D-Colo., sent the letter together, and have been actively pursuing options to stop the Attorney General and Dept. of Justice from going after states, like Colorado, where marijuana is legal - both medical and recreational. During the second Bush administration, Republican appointee David Bogden was removed as Nevada's US attorney for unstated reasons. "As a law enforcement officer in the executive branch, it is my sworn responsibility to enforce that law".

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Like all drug laws, the prohibition against marijuana is much more likely to be enforced against African-Americans and Latinos than against whites.

Local pot shops are preparing for a crackdown on federal drug agents despite the legalization of recreational marijuana.

"When there are budget deficits and the like, everybody wants to know where is there an additional revenue stream, and one of the most logical places is to go after cannabis and cannabis taxes", said Beau Whitney, a senior economist at New Frontier Data. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics, 693,482 individuals in the United States were arrested in 2013 and charged with marijuana violations, and of these, 609,423, or 88 percent, were arrested for simple possession.

"I think the big message to the USA attorney's office should be if you have limited resources let's focus on the thing that's killing people here every day in the commonwealth which is street drugs and fentanyl", Baker told reporters.

There is an enormous cost in terms of law enforcement resources, the criminal justice system and people's lives for marijuana to remain illegal.

Sessions denies that he's a racist, but, whether he pays attention or not, the federal marijuana law he desires so zealously to enforce has decidedly racist roots and a racially skewed impact. His attorney general, on the other hand, is widely acknowledged as adamantly opposed to marijuana in all its forms.

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