What were the TV ratings for Monday's National Championship game?

What were the TV ratings for Monday's National Championship game?

What were the TV ratings for Monday's National Championship game?

But Saban made a quarterback change at the intermission, benching 25-2 starter Jalen Hurts, to put true freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in the game. In earning a spot to the National Championship, Alabama defeated Clemson 24-6 in last week's Sugar Bowl.

Georgia safety Aaron Davis says the way he lives his life is indicative of his relationship with Jesus.

Well, folks, we have a new National Champion in the world of College Football. Hurts handled being benched better than anyone could be expected to, looking genuinely happy his team had won a national title despite Alabama accomplishing it with a different quarterback. We ended up winning the game 28-14. While players from various teams around the nation spoke on the matter, many from Georgia and Alabama gave insight about how they pursue a relationship with Christ before the big game played out.

"I just took a shot downfield", he said. "But I have no point of reference".

We'll see what happens in the offseason. Before all that, with everything still going against Alabama, the kid somehow scrambles to his right and then to his left on third-and-seven and gets nine yards to keep Alabama's first touchdown drive going. It's a horror movie, played on an endless loop.

"Nobody could have known it at the time", Finebaum said, "but the missed field goal only made things better".

US Olympic Committee in quandary over Tonya Harding
In other words, the 90s are back baby! "I was a liar to everybody but still, 23 years later, finally everybody can just eat crow". The two are, understandably, estranged and Harding made it pretty clear she has no plans to see her mother anytime soon.

Atlanta was still buzzing about the call on Tuesday morning, and Alabama fans will long be discussing the guts it took for their 66-year-old coach to pull the trigger on one of the most dramatic, desperate moves yet in his tenure. Georgia got the ball first in overtime.

Coming into Monday night, this matchup figured to balance on Georgia's ground game - with Michel and Nick Chubb - against Alabama's top-ranked defense. To add further context there were no national anthem protests on the field at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium last night and President Donald Trump was in the house - at least for the first half, when it looked like the host Bulldogs had it. For two more plays. "I'm very proud of this team and this university, and we're not going anywhere". But this was the kid's movie. He ran them with Joe Namath dropping back throwing when people never, ever did it.

"I have another daughter who went to Alabama so we're all here supporting our team", she said. You know, the usual. I just went in at halftime and said Rohan Davey you need to go play, because we need a spark on offense and we need something to change.

"He's good for stuff like this and he has the "it" factor", Hurts said. "Without spending time every day with Jesus, listening and talking to Him, I can't be the man I want to be". An 80-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman from Fromm certainly did the trick. However, it was in the fourth quarter that Alabama hit high gear and started functioning at near-peak efficiency.

He made it sound easy.

He'll be facing off against his former defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart, who has remade Georgia into one of the elite programs in the country. But a fluky interception later in the 3rd, off an Alabama defenders helmet, helped grease the skids for the Tide's comeback.

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