New Google Assistant updates, made just for you at home - The Keyword

New Google Assistant updates, made just for you at home - The Keyword

New Google Assistant updates, made just for you at home - The Keyword

The same feature will work wonders with the help of the Google Home devices or any other smart speakers favored by users, the company added.

Of all the things Google Assistant can do, this must surely be one of the simplest - yet it is one you are likely to take advantage of nearly every day.

The new feature will be available for all Google Assistant-powered devices including the Google Home, or other smart speakers. This update also added the ability to use any of the songs you've uploaded/purchased on Google Play Music. For the same, firstly the users have to link their Netflix profile in Google Home app or through Google Assistant to their phone.

Google updated its Google Home smart speaker on Wednesday with a couple of nice quality of life features. On Thursday, Google announced the alarm feature and other new features for its Google Assistant.

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Google lately has introduced several new features for its Home devices.

The alarm will play the music from the music service you have linked to it and set as the default. Once you let it know, the alarm is set, and you'll hear the requested song at the set time. For example, in the shot below, Spotify is set as the default.

The only flaw I can see is that you can still turn off alarms with your voice, which isn't helpful if you'll do anything to silence your alarms in the morning. The regular mode permits hands-free control of Netflix such as resuming a show from break using only one's voice.

Another interesting improvement to note is the ability to find out what's on TV by looking up schedules. Just say, "Hey, Google, when does Black Mirror air next", and it will inform you when the next new episode or rerun is going to happen. Amazon's competitive assistant Alexa has a similar feature that rolled out in December. And same for your roommate or partner.

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