Amazon is removing ads from the lock screen on Prime Exclusive phones

Amazon is removing ads from the lock screen on Prime Exclusive phones

Amazon is removing ads from the lock screen on Prime Exclusive phones

Consumers looking for a deal on a smartphone have been able to save anywhere from $25 to $100 off the retail price by buying them from Amazon, as long as they didn't mind being forced to watch lock screen ads.

Amazon is getting rid of the lock-screen ads that appear on smartphones sold through its Prime Exclusive program. Prices for the current lineup of Prime Exclusive handsets will rise by $20 starting tomorrow, according to multiple reports. An update will be available through the Android device's settings and/or in notifications starting this week with the removal of lockscreen offers and ads. Amazon is referring to fingerprint scanners and newer facial recognition systems. Here's the full statement.

Future phones will not come with lock screen Amazon ads, either.

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ALSO: This update to an experience with no ads on the lockscreen will also apply to users that already own Prime Exclusive Phones. These handsets are (as the name implies) only available to Amazon Prime subscribers, and they are offered at a discount compared to the normal pricing. Amazon wants customers to be able to enjoy biometric security measures like fingerprint readers and facial recognition while also being able to customize the lock screen with photos and wallpapers.

Apparently, the bloatware will remain but can be uninstalled or hidden if you don't use it. Since 2016, the massive online retailer has been selling low-end Android phones loaded with ads and Amazon software at a discount of around $50 (and in one case, a $200 discount!). Prime members will still enjoy a single sign-on experience, have access to pre-installed Amazon apps and services, take advantage of free unlimited photo storage through Prime Photos, and more. The bootloaders are locked down, but that's not hugely important to most buyers.

Today, the Prime Exclusive Phone program gets even better.

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