Galaxy S8 finally gets a bite of Android Oreo

Galaxy S8 finally gets a bite of Android Oreo

Galaxy S8 finally gets a bite of Android Oreo

The Android 8.0 update for the S8 and S8+ smartphones not only brings the Oreo goodies, but also packs the Samsung Experience 9.0. The update has now been rolled out only in Germany region but it is expected to roll out in other countries in future as well.

According to some reports, the next Samsung devices that will receive the update are the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, as well as Galaxy A5 and A3 (2017) and Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S8 Oreo update went through an extensive beta, but bugs and performance issues have made it into the final version of the software. It is also quite possible that someone may have leaked the update on goal. As always, you can check for updates through the Settings app on your phone. If it is available, a manual download option will pop up.

In the United States, T-Mobile is now testing its Galaxy S8 Android Oreo update which means a release for other major carriers like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon should be in the works as well.

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If you have either Galaxy S8 handset, you can manually check for software updates right now.

It is possible that the Galaxy S9 will already feature Android Oreo.

There's no way to predict exactly how the Galaxy S8 Oreo update will treat your device so it's important to prepare ahead of time. The new firmware weighs 487MB. Like with any other major Android updates, make sure you back up your sensitive data before you upgrade, and that you have enough battery life, as well as access to an internet connection, to perform the update.

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