How Brexit could impact 12 United Kingdom regions

How Brexit could impact 12 United Kingdom regions

How Brexit could impact 12 United Kingdom regions

London comes out the best with a drop of 1 percent in GDP growth staying in the single market, a drop of 2 percent under the trade-deal scenario, and a drop of 3.5 percent with no deal.

The estimated impact of Brexit on the UK's industrial sectors are what drive the eye-watering hits to growth over the next 15 years that have been forecast in certain parts of the country.

In the event that Scotland stays in the single market and customs union, it would lose an estimated 2.5% more of its GDP than now projected.

Government assessment of Brexit deals on economic growth over 15 years compared to current forecasts Government region Single market Free trade No deal East Midlands -1.8% -5% -8.5% Eastern -1.8% -5% -8% London -1% -2% -3.5% North-East -3% -11% -16% North-West -2.5% -8% -12% South-East -1.5% -4.5% -7.5% South-West -1% -2% -5% West Midlands -2.5% -8% -13% Yorkshire and Humber -1.5% -5% -7% Northern Ireland -2.5% -8% -12% Scotland -2.5% -6% -9% Wales -1.5% -5.5% -9.5% United Kingdom -2% -5% -8%.

MPs have now viewed the documents in the House of Commons library.

The SNP's Stephen Gethins asked her: "The Scottish Government analysis has shown that a "no deal" scenario could cost Scotland up to 8.5% of GDP".

The UK government had argued that releasing the analysis to the public could damage its negotiations with the EU.

The figures are remarkably similar to those produced by the Scottish government last month - which were dismissed at the time as "completely over-the-top scaremongering" by the Scottish Conservatives.

More than 200 people signed the letter which was sent to Ireland's Prime Minister
Image Northern Ireland could face a 12% hit to GDP

A "no deal' Brexit will shrink the North East of England's economy by 16%, the Government's own analysis reveals as it lays bare how the north, Midlands and Northern Ireland would be worst affected by quitting the EU".

The GDP of the West Midlands would be hit by 13%, and both the North West and Northern Ireland by 12%, under "no deal".

Former attorney general and Conservative MP Dominic Grieve said the figures illustrated the risks of leaving the European Union without a deal, which he said would hurt the "poorest and vulnerable" in society. "They should be allowed a vote on the final deal and a chance to exit from Brexit".

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said she had previously "made the point that what it doesn't model is the deal which she is actually seeking".

"A loss of growth of this magnitude will have a big impact on jobs and living standards".

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: "The government's own research is now showing that Brexit will be an economic disaster for every part of the UK". The Tories are putting everything on the line because they do not care about the lives and livelihoods of the people of the UK.

"They are of an order of magnitude of the long-term consequences of Brexit we have been forecasting", he said. Download it today and continue to enjoy STV News wherever you are.

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