Switch games can soon be bought with My Nintendo coins

Switch games can soon be bought with My Nintendo coins

Switch games can soon be bought with My Nintendo coins

Purchasing digital titles or redeeming download codes will reimburse 5% in gold points while registering a game in physical format will only give 1% of the purchase. Gold Coin rewards will qualify for Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and 3DS purchases. But for the entirety of the Switch's existence so far, it has remained an outside to this system.

You can also still redeem your points for existing Wii U and Nintendo 3DS rewards. If you haven't got enough Gold Points to cover the entire cost of whatever it is you wish to purchase, you can pay for the remaining balance with with any other payment method that is available for the eShop. Points expire after a year if not used.

Well, they've finally announced that we'll be able to spend these points in March, but it's a little bit disappointing. It's a decent deal for Switch owners who have a mostly digital collection and those who plan on buying several games digitally in the future. And what of Platinum points?

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"My Nintendo members already earn Gold Points by buying qualifying games". Those can be exchanged for fixed discounts, like coupons toward a selection of games. I'd love to be able to buy skins for my Switch's home screen or other digital rewards for it. The program's latest update will reward Nintendo loyalists with discounted games, and considering the wide range of digital titles released on the eShop recently, Gold Points should come as a boon to any thrifty gamers looking to expand their on-system library.

At long last, that's all going to change next month.

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