'Dumb joke': Trudeau responds to criticism over 'peoplekind' comment

'Dumb joke': Trudeau responds to criticism over 'peoplekind' comment

'Dumb joke': Trudeau responds to criticism over 'peoplekind' comment

Trudeau has come under fire for "virtue signally", "mansplaining" and being "too politically correct".

Stephen Miller, a FoxNews.com contributor, also joined in at taking a swipe at the Canadian Prime Minister's original fun-natured comment by drawing attention to Axelrod's use of the pronoun, "He".

Attempting to strike an unlikely parallel between his own political rise and that of Trump, he noted growing dissatisfaction both north and south of the border with what he said were the unequal share of the benefits of trade, with too numerous rewards going to corporations and the wealthy.

Much of Trudeau's speech had a rueful tone over the comparative claims of the Canadian and American nations on their neighbor's psyche.

Last month, U.S. Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer said talks to rewrite NAFTA are progressing very slowly. "We need to improve NAFTA", the prime minister told the audience.

Trudeau added he has been engaging "constructively, collaboratively, but firmly" at the negotiating table with the United States and Mexico, because a good deal will benefit all three nations. I think there's broad consensus that the agreement needs to be updated.

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Although a "blue" state and city that may be sympathetic to his talk about trade and the environment, IL and Chicago were anything but an easy sell for Trudeau on the first day of a four-day swing through the United States. Trudeau spoke casually with the students all afternoon and took questions from Axelrod.

After Chicago, Trudeau is scheduled to make stops in California.

Union leaders say Illinois has lost 290,000 manufacturing jobs since NAFTA went into effect, while the Illinois Chamber of Commerce says the state has benefited enormously from free trade.

"We are here not to steal jobs from Silicon Valley", Sarkar said in an interview this week.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw from the trade pact if it is not renegotiated to his liking.

Trudeau is also meeting with Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos as Bezos considers the location for its second headquarters.

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