Airbus stops accepting PW1100G engines for A320neo aircraft

Airbus stops accepting PW1100G engines for A320neo aircraft

Airbus stops accepting PW1100G engines for A320neo aircraft

According to the European Aviation Safety Agency, it was aware of "several occurrences of engine in-flight shutdown" and other in-service events with the engine on the A320neo, Airbus's best-selling plane.

EASA said aircraft with two affected engines can only operate three more cycles before one of them has to be replaced with a substitute that does not the aft hub issue.

"Our precautionary measure of grounding the three aircraft resulted in cancellations of some of our flights", it said. "But we feel it was the best decision in the interest of our safe and reliable operations". "The passengers have also been given choice of a full refund", the official said.

Airbus has also issued an alert for providing instructions to de-pair the affected engines and discontinue extended range twin-engine operations for aircraft fitted with affected engines.

According to civil aviation industry analyst, out of 100 plus A320neo planes, delivered with PW1100G - JM engines globally, 11 aircraft have this particular configuration on both engines and around 21 aircraft have this particular configuration on one of their engines.

IndiGo is the largest operator of twin-engined A320 neo aircraft in the world; all their 32 neos are fitted with PW 1100 engines.

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The European aircraft manufacturer and Pratt & Whitney said late Friday that a new problem had emerged with the Geared Turbo Fan (GTF) engine whose cause was still under investigation.

This is the second time that IndiGo has been forced to ground planes because of P&W engine problems. "In full and complete compliance with the requirements, none of GoAir aircraft have two of these engines on the same aircraft", the carrier said in a statement, adding that none of its planes needs to be grounded.

Overheating problems on the Pratt engines had earlier interfered with A320neo deliveries since early a year ago.

Confirming the development, an IndiGo spokesperson said: "As soon as IndiGo learnt of these developments, IndiGo had proactively withdrawn the three A320neo aircraft from service w.e.f. 9th of February".

Plane maker Airbus has postponed the deliveries of its A320 Neo planes indefinitely, potentially impacting schedules of Indian customers IndiGo and Go Air.

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