At least 19 dead after bus topples over in Hong Kong

At least 19 dead after bus topples over in Hong Kong

At least 19 dead after bus topples over in Hong Kong

The driver of a double-decker bus that toppled over in Hong Kong killing at least 18 people and injuring more than 50 others on Saturday evening has been arrested for risky driving, police said.

Seventeen men and two women are among the dead.

This is one of the worst accidents of its kind in Hong Kong since 2003, when another double-decker bus plunged off a flyover after colliding with a truck, killing 21. It was not yet known what caused the accident but passengers quoted by local media said the driver was going fast before the crash.

Witnesses told horrific stories of watching dazed and bloody passengers drag themselves from the mangled wreckage.

The bus was operated by the Kowloon Motor Bus Company (KMB) - the largest franchise in Hong Kong.

Some collapsed by the side of the road in pools of their own blood.

Earlier reports said that 19 people were killed.

"It was much faster than I normally felt in a bus", one passenger told the South China Morning Post.

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The bus was on its way from Sha Tin racecourse to Tai Po Centre when it flipped onto its side while attempting to turn.

The causes of the incident are being investigated. It was really chaotic in the bus.

City leaders and the bus company will carry out separate investigations into the crash.

Pictures from the scene on Saturday showed rescue workers cutting open the roof of the vehicle to reach the casualties inside.

So said the driver was familiar with the route and had not been working overtime recently.

Police have arrested the driver on suspicion of risky driving causing injuries and deaths.

An inquiry into the accident and the bus company's operation will be set up, Lam said.

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