Google Maps Go (beta) makes it to the US

Google Maps Go (beta) makes it to the US

Google Maps Go (beta) makes it to the US

In a bid to keep up with some other popular messaging platforms, Google appears to be on track to introduce texting from the desktop as part of their Android Messages platform. Users will be pointed to a web site on their computer and then scan a QR code to link the devices.

The first is pretty straightforward and, one hopes, easy to implement: you may be able to easily send text messages from your computer soon.

It appears that search engine and advertising giant Google is about to make drastic changes for one of its many messaging apps, Android Messages.

As a watered-down version of the full app, expect Google Maps Go to offer basic functionalities like the ability to see your location, get directions to a place via auto, train, bus or by walking and allowing you to see your saved places. All indications are that the feature will work much like Google does with Allo to get things setup.

Once launched, this feature will be very convenient for frequent Android Messages users.

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The teardown reveals that you will be able to see a list of signed in computers and disconnect from them at any point in time.

He also notes that all mainstream browsers may be supported, as they are all named in the code - including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Perhaps the most important addition that will make a lot of people happy is the possibility of rolling out Rich Communication Services (RCS), a protocol that was devised to succeed SMS. Maybe RCS would support the ability to replace a carrier with another provider and Google would act as an intermediary for messaging. "Text over Wi-Fi and data". Other promotional messages refer to seeing message status (when someone is typing), read receipts and sending photos.

According to Android Police that unearths and scrutinizes code for Android's application packages (apk), Google may be taking Apple's iMessage route with Android Messages.

The vast majority of Alphabet's revenue continues to come from Google and its various business, most notably its advertising network - revenue from Google's ad business grew by 21 per cent from past year and accounts for 84 per cent of Alphabet's total revenue.

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