How to Avoid Snapchat's New Update Thats Irking Snap Users

How to Avoid Snapchat's New Update Thats Irking Snap Users

How to Avoid Snapchat's New Update Thats Irking Snap Users

If you're here, however, because you've heard the new Snapchat update sucks and want to ensure you don't have it forced on you by an annoying auto-update, we can definitely help. The publication also noted that the Friends panel is now backed by an algorithm that features people you chat with the most.

However, at the time of writing, we have not been offered the change to install the update, which was already available in other countries but is just coming to the United Kingdom and has not yet been introduced in the US. The best way to prevent this update is to simply turn off the automatic app updates in the smartphone's settings. If you'd like to learn more about that, keep reading. If you force quit the app and re-open Snapchat, you'll get the redesigned version again.

If so, you just have to find the installation file for the previous update and install that version.

The second way is to install an older APK of Snapchat on your Android device. Once you do that, uninstall the newer version of the app. Until then, or until this exploit gets patched, use it at your discretion.

Other users expressed their disbelief via Twitter by complaining about the difficulty in viewing and even finding stories, something which Snapchat should specialize in since it founded the very concept itself.

Yeah. We told you it wasn't easy. Tech Advisor says the version of the app stored within your iTunes library will most likely be an old one.

It's the app's first major #facepalm.

Then, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Select the option to "Install" and then sync your device. If you haven't updated to the latest version, you should expect it in the next few days. Once you've got the file, delete the newer Snapchat from your phone and then copy the older APK file using Windows Explorer.

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Snapchat users are not impressed with the new update to the Snapchat application.

Android users can do so by going to the Play Store, opening the main menu Settings, and then disabling the Auto-update feature.

What you need to do is disable automatic updates, and that's pretty easy.

You could also lose your Memories if you reinstall Snapchat.

Tap the menu button (three vertical dots).

Snapchat's recent update has ruffled a few feathers, hasn't it? Some users jokingly asked who were the ones in charge of the Snapchat update and who were responsible for the design. It means you'll no longer have to scroll through the Chats to find the right person. There, under the "Automatic Downloads" header, you'll see a series of toggles.

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