Pelosi ends immigration speech after more than 8 hours, setting record

Pelosi ends immigration speech after more than 8 hours, setting record

Pelosi ends immigration speech after more than 8 hours, setting record

Chances of a government shutdown dimmed this week following the Senate deal, but Pelosi's public demonstration indicates a fight could be coming in the House. The House on Tuesday passed legislation to keep the government running through March 23, marrying a stopgap spending measure with a $659 billion Pentagon spending plan, but that measure is likely to be rewritten in the Senate.

On Thursday, Pelosi's lengthy speech in support of DACA recipients set the record for the longest recorded speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, passing the previous record of five hours and 15 minutes set by former Speaker Champ Clark (D-Mo.) in 1909.

On Capital Hill as the deal was being made protesters were making the same demands.

Pelosi opposed the budget deal because it failed to address the underlying issue that sparked last month's shutdown, longterm protections for DACA recipients. The agreement is broad and includes increased military and domestic spending, raising the debt ceiling and providing expanded disaster relief funding.

"The speaker of the House is saying we don't matter here, the members of the House", she said. Pelosi and other Democrats have called for a vote on the Dream Act, but House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has indicated his reluctance.

"I don't think the Democratic party as a whole has sharpened an economic message that speaks to the aspirations of most Americans".

"The difference is that the tax reform allows us to potentially create enough revenue that compensates for the trillion, trillion and a half", Walker responded when asked how he justified supporting one but not the other.

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Senate Republicans have put forward a plan that would fund the government for the next two years-and Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, has expressed his support for it.

"This is a bad, bad, bad, bad - you could say "bad" a hundred times - deal", Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) added.

"Maybe I should bring my rosary, blessed by the Pope", said Pelosi, who is Catholic. In truth, though, most of Ryan's caucus aren't hardline budget and deficit hawks, and even some who are have, er, grown since their election.

Pelosi said the House should push into immigration legislation and noted that Senate Republicans have slated a debate on the politically freighted subject starting next week. Despite having the budget caps in place for more than six years, Congress has not reconsidered the scope of America's military mission and its expense, nor the limits of federal beneficence and the emergency mindset of domestic programs long after the end of the Great Recession.

And Wednesday on S.E. Cupp: Unfiltered, the Ohio Congressman - who ran unsuccessfully to replace Pelosi in the House - offered little indication that his views on the minority leader have significantly changed.

It's unclear if Democratic leadership will whip against the bill.

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