Monster Hunter World Patch Fixes Squad Issues and Matchmaking

Monster Hunter World Patch Fixes Squad Issues and Matchmaking

Monster Hunter World Patch Fixes Squad Issues and Matchmaking

Monster Hunter: World is out now and many players across all platforms are building their hunters and setting forth for epic conquests.

Fixed a rare bug that would cause players to lose control of their characters when completing a quest with certain start menu sub-menus open.

Monster Hunter World has had some matchmaking issues on Xbox One since launch, which the developers promised to look into after complaints were raised.

The availability for this item pack has been extended to February 22, 23:59 (UTC). Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have had an update to fix squad and matchmaking, as well as ironing out additional kinks on PS4.

Non-squad members will no longer be able to join Squad online sessions unless they have a friend invite or an online session ID search. "Please wait and try again". The effect of hitting other players with Slicing Ammo has also been reduced.

Although there are some drawbacks to this fix, players experiencing this issue will have their squad data reset, so that's irritating. To make way for the solution, all squad data of players affected by the bug have been reset.

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Fixes regarding the decorations that were lost and the issues with selection of items has been taken care off.

The decorations tab got hidden when selecting items with the option "sell items" - fixed. You can also now only hold 30 Slashberries in your Item Puch rather than 60.

It terms of balance changes, the Bowgun has been tweaked, with a nerf to Slicing Ammo and buffs given to Normal, Pierce and most Elemental Ammo in exchange. If you have more than 30 Slashberries in your item pouch, you can use the extra ones. The update also contains a lot of bug fixes. The multiplayer action role-playing game has already shipped 6 million copies since launching for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 6.

Some quests had bugs: the quest "Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi" didn't appear on the quest board od you left to do a different quest while speaking with Chief Botanist. Unfortunately, the problems with matchmaking aren't addressed here, with Capcom stating, "Our development team is also working tirelessly on pinpointing the issues with matchmaking on Xbox One".

If you can not connect to other hunters through the "Matchmake" option, "you may still be able to create online lobbies, join others" lobbies via "Filter Search", "Invite a Friend", connect via Xbox One LFG, or join hunts by using the "Respond to SOS" feature'.

Monster Hunter: World is now available for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release to follow in Fall 2018.

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