United Kingdom threatens to cut off aid to charities following Haiti sex claims

United Kingdom threatens to cut off aid to charities following Haiti sex claims

United Kingdom threatens to cut off aid to charities following Haiti sex claims

MPs have warned about "predatory paedophiles" following sexual assault allegations against more than 120 workers for British leading charities.

Oxfam - which employs around 5,000 staff and has 23,000 more volunteers - recorded 87 incidents past year, referring 53 to the police or authorities and dismissing 20 staff or volunteers, according to the paper.

Ms Mordaunt said she had written to all United Kingdom charities that receive aid from the Government and asked them to explain the measures they took to implement safeguarding measures.

United Kingdom officials have said that Oxfam needs to hand over all its information on the issue in order to not lose funding.

If the moral leadership at the top of the organisation is not there then we can not have you as a partner.

Responding to reports that staff who left Oxfam in Haiti later joined other aid agencies, without their knowledge of the incidents, Christian Aid said: "Christian Aid always follows robust recruitment procedures, such as securing references from legitimate sources, conducting Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) checks where we are permitted to do so, and carrying out Counter Terrorism checks where required".

The Department for International Development, which gave Oxfam almost £32m previous year, is reviewing funding.

A DfID spokesman said the way "appalling abuse of vulnerable people" had been dealt with raised serious questions for Oxfam.

Goldring apologised yesterday and said he was 'deeply ashamed of Oxfam's behaviour [in Haiti]'.

He is expected to insist that Oxfam did not inform ministers of the.

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"But I don't think it was in anyone's best interest to be describing the details of the behaviour in a way that was actually going to draw extreme attention to it".

Reuters could not independently verify the allegations contained in The Times report and was unable to reach any of the Oxfam staff who worked in Haiti.

Mordaunt called Oxfam's behavior "utterly despicable" and said the agency was suffering from a failure of "moral leadership".

Oxfam has denied any cover-up and has said the behaviour of some of its staff in Haiti had been "totally unacceptable".

Ahead of its meeting with Ms Mordaunt, Oxfam announced a package of measures to improve safeguarding, including improved recruitment and vetting, a new whistleblowing helpline and a recommitment to report concerns to authorities.

"It is not sufficient to be appalled by the behavior of our former staff - we must and will learn from it and use it as a spur to improvement".

A senior member of staff, Roland van Hauwermeiren, led the mission in Chad as well as the Oxfam's work in Haiti, but resigned from the charity in 2011.

Save The Children said all 31 abuse allegations took place in foreign countries and that 16 people had been dismissed as a result.

She said the reports were "a complete betrayal of the people Oxfam were there to help and also the people that sent them there to do that job".

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