YouTube suspends all advertising from all Logan Paul YouTube channels

YouTube suspends all advertising from all Logan Paul YouTube channels

YouTube suspends all advertising from all Logan Paul YouTube channels

"After careful consideration, we have chose to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul's YouTube channels", a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement.

YouTube also cited an article in the United Kingdom newspaper The Sun about a reported tweet from Paul saying he would swallow one Tide Pod for every retweet the post received.

Paul is one of the highest-profile stars YouTube has sanctioned so far.

YouTube has temporarily suspended ads on all of Paul's channels in response to "Paul's recent pattern of behavior", per a tweet.

The decision came shortly after Paul posted a video of himself tasering two dead rats and removing a fish from his pond before attempting to resuscitate it using CPR.

The Verge quotes a YouTube spokesperson as saying they didn't take this decision lightly, but they do believe Paul is exhibiting a pattern of behavior in his vlogging that not only makes his channel unsuitable for advertisers, but is also a potential danger to the broader YouTube Creator community.

It later arrived at a conclusion to suspend all advertising on Paul's channels for the time being.

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The video was uploaded earlier this week. Then on February 4th, he posted a video that bragged about how he gained over a million subscribers during his break.

Rather than respectfully leaving the individual alone, the YouTuber, who has over 15 million followers, filmed the body and made a vlog out of the experience.

At the start of the year, Paul was heavily criticized and subsequently punished by YouTube for a video that seemed to make light of suicide when he showed a dead body in a Japanese forest notorious for suicides.

Paul eventually issued an apology on Twitter and later issued a video apology for the incident.

In the aftermath of his controversial suicide forest video, the 22-year-old was cut from the YouTube Red original series Foursome, and his channels were pulled from the Google Preferred premium advertising program. It will also reserve the right to stop recommending a channel's videos across its network if the channel is seen as harmful to the YouTube community. YouTube instructs its creators to "use your common sense, don't abuse the site, and be respectful of others".

YouTube ads aren't Paul's only source of income, however: His vlogs also serve as infomercials for his "merch", apparel and accessories emblazoned with his "Maverick" logo. An email to Paul's manager wasn't immediately returned.

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