HomePod Cord Repairs Cost Nearly The Same Amount As A New Device

HomePod Cord Repairs Cost Nearly The Same Amount As A New Device

HomePod Cord Repairs Cost Nearly The Same Amount As A New Device

The fact that it can't yet do stereo pairing with another HomePod doesn't help.it has had similar results, though its testers found the Sonos One to be better, and I generally disagree with that conclusion.

Based on the early reviews, Apple's HomePod sounds awesome. It could be described as a Sonos-killer, except that one HomePod cannot actually connect to other HomePods, meaning that stereo sound and multi-room capabilities do not now exists.

The HomePod is small and sleek in a typically Apple sort of way. Apple shares are up 2.4% Monday and 21% over the past 12 months.

A brand new HomePod runs $349, plus applicable sales tax (shipping is free).

If you do break your HomePod cord maybe buy another one, or don't break it at all.

Sure, it's seeing stellar reviews when it comes to audio quality and not-so stellar reviews when it comes to Siri smarts. Selling at $350, the smart speaker is indeed on the expensive side of things.

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Early on in the process, iFixit found that the HomePod is one of the more hard devices in existence to pry open.

With the release of the Apple HomePod last February 9, the Internet is buzzing with reviews after reviews of the smart speaker.

Select Apple Authorised Resellers, including Best Buy in the US; Argos, Dixons Carphone (Currys PC World), John Lewis, Shop Direct (Very and Littlewoods), EE and Apple Premium Resellers in the United Kingdom; and The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Myer and Telstra in Australia, have also started selling the HomePod locally. Second, you'll have to reconnect if your Apple TV reboots. And via the Sonos App, owners can stream music from their service of choice-be it Spotify, Apple Music, internet radio or 80 other streaming services. Have you had a chance to compared the HomePod to either of these two speakers?

All that and the Sonos One is only $199. But you might not want anyone in the house being able to ask the HomePod to read your texts to them.

iFixit did its usual job of acquiring the latest gadget from Apple and taking it apart while documenting the whole process. But unless you're a member of the Cult of Mac, best to hold off on a HomePod for now.

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the HomePod at a keynote address in June 2017, saying that it would "reinvent home music".

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