Police Investigate White Powder Sent To Obama Office In DC

Police Investigate White Powder Sent To Obama Office In DC

Police Investigate White Powder Sent To Obama Office In DC

Thankfully, it was another false alarm. The incident called for FBI, Secret Service, police, and fire crews to rush to the scene. Their building also houses former Pres. Obama offices.

The building is owned and the headquarters for the non-profit World Wildlife Fund. After inspection, Fire and EMS Battalion Chief Edward Smith reportedly determined that the white substance was actually baby powder. Obama and his family live nearby.

It is not clear if Obama was at the office at the time.

Introductory session by President Barack Obama during the Napoleons 2018 at Maison de la Radio on December 2, 2017 in Paris, France.

Suspect packages containing white powder have been sent to the addresses of several high profile figures in recent days. It is located in Northwest D.C., according to the local affiliate.

Trump asks Democrats to re-do 'very political' memo
It does appear that the Democratic memo contains details that could be reasonably said to endanger national security. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

The incident comes a day after President Trump's daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump and her mother, Bonnie Haydon, were hospitalized as a precaution after they opened a letter containing a white powdery substance.

Last week, WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange was delivered a suspicious package with white powder at London's Ecuadorian embassy.

The incident comes just one day after a white substance was sent along with a threatening note to Donald Trump Jr's wife in NY.

The Secret Service continues to investigate the WWF building incident.

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