White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Under Scrutiny

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Under Scrutiny

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Under Scrutiny

As for President Trump's tweet over the weekend about how "live are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation", Mulvaney said it wasn't actually a reference to Porter but former Republican National Committee finance chairman and businessman Steve Wynn, who resigned following harassment allegations.

The White House's defense of alleged wife-beaters is disturbingly reminiscent of the one delivered by Trump in the wake of Charlottesville rally last August.

Kelly wrote a letter to White House employees following the incident to allay staff concerns, saying "we all take matters of domestic violence very seriously".

White House staff secretary and accused domestic abuser Rob Porter stepped down on February 8 after two of his ex-wives went public with disturbing claims that he was physically violent during their marriages. "Above all, the president supports victims of domestic violence and believes everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with due process".

Questions about the scandal largely drowned out the White House's intended subject matter Monday: the President's new budget proposal and a long-awaited plan to overhaul the nation's infrastructure.

Once photos emerged showing Porter's ex-wife with a badly bruised face, Mulvaney said, "he was gone nearly immediately".

She repeatedly used the phrase "due process" to explain why the president defended Porter. He has not made any mention of the ex-wives of the two former staffers or of the alleged abuse.

Trump's latest tweet comes at a time when many Republicans would prefer to see Trump keep the spotlight on a generally healthy economy and December's big tax cuts.

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The president has fumed that Kelly was too slow in bringing the allegations against staff secretary Rob Porter to his attention.

But Kelly's hold on his post seemed the shakiest since he took the job in July, in part because several West Wing aides have had their faith shaken by his handling of the Porter accusations. Porter, calling him a "man of true integrity and honor" after Mr. That the work Rob was doing in the White House was of higher value than our mental, emotional or physical wellbeing.

The officials emphasized that they did not consider a resignation imminent, and that Kelly - a retired four-star Marine general who early in his tenure often used a threat of quitting as a way to temper President Donald Trump's behavior - had made no formal offer.

"He literally dictated that statement to me", she said. So, while it's easy to see why he feels a disturbing affinity with men like Rob Porter and Roy Moore, it's certainly not easy to stomach.

Gidley replied by noting that while the photos of Porter's ex-wife sporting a black eye are "absolutely" horrific, "the president has been out against domestic violence for a long time".

"I think as long as Donald Trump is president, our government is best served if John Kelly is in the job of chief of staff", he told CNN's "State of the Union".

Sorensen said he resigned to avoid distraction for the White House.

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