Google finally unveils Gmail Go for low-RAM devices

Google finally unveils Gmail Go for low-RAM devices

Google finally unveils Gmail Go for low-RAM devices

Of course, the prime goal of the Gmail Go app is to provide Gmail access amidst using less RAM and data. Instead, its listing in the Google Play store is just for Android Go users, and for pushing updates to Android Go users who bought a device with the app pre-installed. This application is designed mainly for the for Android Go phones. The interface looks largely similar to the original app, with the most visible change being in the "user profile" section that now sits on top of the title bar and does not display your profile picture and background image like that on the regular Gmail app.

Being a Go edition app, the download size of the Gmail Go app is much smaller than the regular app. Gmail Go weighs just around 9.51MB compared to 20.66MB of the regular app.

Google is trying to make Android Go phones a reality in India.

Until now, Google had released lightweight "Go" versions of some of its popular apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Gboard, and more recently, Google Assistant.

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Google has introduced a lighter version of the Gmail app - Gmail Go - which will work with devices, with basic specifications such as less than 1GB RAM or 512MB RAM.

15 GB free storage: Although Google says that users can forget about deleting messages to save space, 15 GB is already is available to the current users.

The new Gmail Go application on Play store is basically the lighter version of the original app, but interestingly provides almost the same experience as the regular Gmail app. Gmail Go APK size is much smaller, around 9.51MB, compared to the original Gmail app which is as big as 20.66MB. Officially they - and Gmail Go - are targeted at emerging markets, where cellular connections can either be slower than the U.S. and other countries enjoy, or prohibitively expensive.

Interestingly, Gmail Go also features Search box to search for the email within the Inbox. Gmail Go also allows to set up multiple accounts, so that you set up both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses -, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP/POP email.

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