McDonald's plans to make Happy Meals healthier worldwide by 2022

McDonald's plans to make Happy Meals healthier worldwide by 2022

McDonald's plans to make Happy Meals healthier worldwide by 2022

The company has announced that they will be eliminating cheeseburgers and chocolate milk in an effort to reduce calories, sodium, saturated fats, and added sugars from a child's diet. (Like that cheeseburger, it will be available if a customer asks for it.) Bottled water will be added as a featured beverage on the Happy Meal menu.

McDonald's will also start offering chocolate milk made with less added sugar.

By 2022, the Happy Meal menu across 120 global markets will improve to offer more balanced meals and simplify ingredients.

This change only applies to USA locations, but McDonald's also says that half of Happy Meals worldwide will be on a "more balanced" low-cal diet by 2022.

Trudy Munk, a mother of three from Lombard, Illinois, who was at a McDonald's with her 3-year-old niece on Thursday, said she wasn't sure if the changes would make much of a difference. To hit or exceed its 50 percent goal, restaurants will have to add, change or remove items from the Happy Meal menu. Four years ago when McDonald's removed soft drinks from the Happy Meal menu, requests for the fizzy drink fell 14 per cent.

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And just last November, McDonald's swapped out the apple juice in its Happy Meals, trading Minute Maid for a lower sugar, organic juice from the brand Just Kids. Braun says "it needs to be led by the customer.' The fast-food giant needs to see the demand is there". Instead, more than half of Happy Meals ordered now include water, milk, or juice. In fact, this announcement coincides with another interesting development: Researchers at the Sorbonne in Paris report in a British Medical Journal article that eating fast food may increase your risk of cancer.

McDonald's will make the changes, including new nutritional standards for the Happy Meal changes, by June in the United States.

"Given our scale and reach, we hope these actions will bring more choices to consumers and uniquely benefit millions of families, which are important steps as we build a better McDonald's", Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's President and CEO, said in a press release.

Right now, only 28 percent of the Happy Meal combinations on menu boards in 20 major markets meet the new nutrition criteria. He acknowledges he would like to see more changes at McDonald's - such as offering customers in the USA the full array of fruits and vegetables that it sells in other parts of the world.

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