Microsoft Testing Window 10 Update with 'Ultimate Performance' Mode

Microsoft Testing Window 10 Update with 'Ultimate Performance' Mode

Microsoft Testing Window 10 Update with 'Ultimate Performance' Mode

Microsoft is going to roll out this new power scheme with the next major Windows 10 update that's expected to be released in March or April this year.

If you want to use the new option regardless, simply visit your rig's Power Options settings page to activate it. Microsoft has not yet stated what sort of performance gains users can expect to receive upon turning the mode on. It helps speed things up by "eliminating micro-latencies" that come with "fine-grained power management techniques" - instead of thinking about power, the workstation will focusing even more on performance. And so, as Microsoft points out, the Ultimate Performance power policy is now not available on battery powered systems.

Indeed, this means any Windows Insider (regardless of which Ring they are enrolled in) can now opt-in to preview new versions of individual Windows 10 apps. As with the other power policies in Windows, you'll be able to customize the Ultimate Performance policy to meet your personal needs.

The latest Windows 10 preview build for Pro for Workstations includes a new mode called Ultimate Performance Mode. Now there's Fast Ring Skip Ahead, which is faster than the Fast Ring, but more prone to borkage as it will offer the newest features whilst still in active development.

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UWP File System Access: With this build we're giving you more control so you can now decide which UWP apps can access your full file system. "The Ultimate Performance Power plan is selectable either by an OEM on new systems or selectable by a user", Microsoft writes in the blog. Unfortunately, that sounds quite boring, so Microsoft has made a decision to call its new mode "Ultimate Performance", which should get your IT department all hot and bothered.

However, it is essential to note here that since the new policy reduces micro-latencies, it may adversely affect your hardware and make it more power hungry than what it was on the default balanced plan. Nevertheless, the Redmond company is set to tune and evaluate the power plan settings on a continuous basis.

Pre-release versions of apps including Paint 3D, Microsoft Photos, Windows Mixed Reality Viewer, and Windows Calculator will be available to try out. It will not be available on battery-powered laptops.

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