How Kasich's Views On Gun Control Have Shifted-Or Not

How Kasich's Views On Gun Control Have Shifted-Or Not

How Kasich's Views On Gun Control Have Shifted-Or Not

Karen Kasler of Ohio Public Radio/TV reported after Kasich's comments in a Sunday interview on CNN that his political web site's section called "Defending the Second Amendment" had been removed.

"We need leadership out of the executive", he said.

"Do I think they can do anything on guns?"

Kasich said he thought it was possible to push for some measures at the state and local level, like background checks and increased attention to mental illness. But he said he would not delay his plan to sign a bill allowing conceal-carry weapons permit holders to bring guns into the Statehouse parking garage. "I don't think most Americans do".

As for President Donald Trump, Kasich said he can and should lead on this, and when asked about Trump's tweet linking the FBI's failure to prevent the Florida school shooting with his complaints over the ongoing special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Kasich said he disagreed.

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The committee on Monday had voted in favour of extending emergency state but proposed to restore Articles 100, 101 and 228. Over the weekend Yameen's office said he had got support from UAE and Saudi Arabia and an aid amount of $160 million.

However, Kasich's lieutenant governor and two-time running mate reacted critically Monday.

He had voted for a ban on assault rifles while in Congress, and got a failing grade from the NRA, which had endorsed Gov. Ted Strickland over Kasich in 2010. Kasich said. "I'm supposed to have some responsibility as they are at the gun show, and they should exercise that responsibility". If you just want to take people's guns away, forget it. "These are things that have to be looked at and action has to happen before, and look, you're never gonna fix all of this, but common law gun laws make sense", said Kasich.

"Neither does removing your prior support for pro-2nd Amendment legislation from a website", said Taylor, who has recently appeared to be distancing herself from Kasich as she seeks the GOP nomination to succeed him against Attorney General Mike DeWine.

And on CNN's "State of the Union" this weekend, Kasich referenced that meeting again, but still with no specifics about who was there and what happened.

But a current version of the page, renamed "Common sense on the Second Amendment", does not include images with gun owners or advocates.

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