Google Assistant is learning new Routines and languages

Google Assistant is learning new Routines and languages

Google Assistant is learning new Routines and languages

Let's see how well Google Assistant will do with soo many languages without getting confused.

The problems are dead obvious, but, at least when it comes to Google Assistant, things will drastically improve this year, as Google today announces that it's expanding the availability of the service to include over 30 languages - a huge increase over the eight it supports now.

For one, Google says it's releasing new tools for integrating Google Assistant with smartphones, enabling companies to add their own voice-controlled features, ensure that hands-free voice commands work properly, and make use of hardware AI chips. "Multilingual" capabilities are coming in English, French and German first, allowing you to switch between the three at any time without fear of running into a language barrier with your Google Assistant.

"If you prefer to speak German at work, but French at home, your Assistant is right there with you", wrote Fox. Also, users will now be able to set location-based reminders using their Google Assistant supported smart speaker. What this means is that users will be able to have Assistant handle a handful of separate tasks with a single command.

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Google is also adding a new aspect to location-based reminders. That way you can get your assistant to remind you to buy more eggs or bread while at the grocery store. Keep following our space for the next update about Google Assistant as it surfaces. Building on the past twelve months of work between the search company and Android handset manufacturers, the program will allow the Assistant to directly control handset features: turning on or off the mobile hotspot, for example.

Google Assistant will be multilingual later in 2018 as well, the post said. And google says that new integrations are coming from LG, Xiaomi and Sony.

Also new will be the ability for Assistant to integrate with your carrier so customers can "learn more about their plan, add new services (like worldwide data roaming), get customer support and more". It's hard to tell exactly who's in the lead, but it's very close between Amazon and Google, and Google is smart to leverage its advantage with Android to expand Assistant's reach.

Meanwhile Google is also encouraging a more baked-in Assistant experience with device-makers, with the formalization of the Assistant Mobile OEM program. When you arrive at the store, you will receive the reminder on your phone.

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