Steve Jobs: Apple founder's 1973 job application going on sale

Steve Jobs: Apple founder's 1973 job application going on sale

Steve Jobs: Apple founder's 1973 job application going on sale

This remarkable employment questionnaire reveals Jobs's early aspiration to work in the fledgling tech industry, which he would soon revolutionise forever, the listing reads.

It's unknown who the document was for, but thank goodness he didn't get the position.

A 1973 job application handwritten by a teenaged Steve Jobs, and rife with mistakes, is expected to fetch at least $55,000 (£39,000) when it goes to auction next month. The application details Jobs' desire for employment as "an electronics tech or design engineer" in 1973.

Despite the threadbare resume, which also features a misspelling of renowned tech firm Hewlett Packard, Mr Jobs did manage to secure a job as a technician at gaming giant Atari in 1974. The auction house confirmed two other Apple-related items will also go under the hammer: a technical manual signed by Jobs in 2001 that is valued at $25,000 and a signed newspaper clipping from a June 2008 edition of the Palo Alto Daily Post valued at $15,000. His name, Steven Jobs, is listed along the top.

The single-page CV lists the entrepreneur's name Steven Jobs, his date of birth as 24 February 1955 and his place of study as "Reed College" in the USA state of Oregon, The Guardian reports.

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At the bottom of the page, he described his "Special Abilities" in a single sentence: "electronics tech or design engineer. digital. -from Bay near Hewitt-Packard [sic]".

Three years before he co-founded Apple, Steve Jobs filled out a job application at Reed College in Portland in which he replied "yes" to a section asking whether he had computer skills.

Steve Jobs' time at Reed College was short, as he dropped out after only six months in order to help his parents save on money.

Although Steve Jobs did drop out of Reed College before he finished his degree, the importance of education was not lost on him.

It is not known what the application was for, nor whether Jobs was successful.

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