Week-Long Wintry Weather Warning

Week-Long Wintry Weather Warning

Week-Long Wintry Weather Warning

The Beast from the East will blow in high winds and snow for Yorkshire this week.

The Met Office says wintry flurries will begin in the east tomorrow as the weather feels "increasingly cold" with a "marked windchill".

So before it gets cold check on friends, family and neighbours, who may be at risk and make sure they're heating homes to at least 18C, see if they need any particular help or just someone to talk to and keep an eye on the Met Office's forecasts and warnings.

Disruptive snow showers expected from Tuesday onwards in the east and southeast.

These will also be accompanied by bitterly cold temperatures, and a significant wind chill.

The Met Office and Public Health England have issued a level 3 cold weather alert, set to remain in place until Thursday next week.

Overnight temperatures will again fall below zero with a low of -4C.

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Negative phases of the NAO are typically associated with colder and snowier-than-average conditions on both sides of the Atlantic, but in this case it's mainly going to affect Europe, at least at first. Temperatures will vary from 5º to 8º, in fresh to strong southeasterly winds.

"This happens because we will have a prevailing westerly wind, when it arrives winds tend to separate and change track before meeting again from opposite directions".

The bright and sunny spell of weather will continue into next week, but temperatures of -5 degrees are forecast in parts by Tuesday. Over the coming days, apart from an isolated shower, it's very unlikely.

But it will turn cold under the clear skies with lowest temperatures falling to between -2° and +1° with a widespread sharp frost.

After a frosty start, a dry day with sunny spells is expected.

Meanwhile, night-time temperatures on Saturday and Sunday are predicted drop sharply under clear skies, leading to widespread hard frost and unsafe icy conditions for many.

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