Saudi-led air strikes kill nine in Yemen

Saudi-led air strikes kill nine in Yemen

Saudi-led air strikes kill nine in Yemen

Amir-Abdollahian stressed that Iran supports Yemen's unity and territorial integrity, and that political resolution involving all tribes and parties is the only way to get out of this crisis.

Haley did not specify what kind of action could be taken. "What I can say is it doesn't help", Haley said.

President Donald Trump warned European allies last month that they had to commit by mid-May to work with Washington to improve the pact.

Iran's mission to the United Nations accused the U.S. and Britain of pushing an "unwarranted draft resolution" to advance an anti-Iran political agenda and "categorically" rejected allegations of arms transfers to Yemen.

A group of United Nations experts monitoring the sanctions on Yemen reported to the Security Council in January that it had "identified missile remnants, related military equipment and military unmanned aerial vehicles that are of Iranian origin and were brought into Yemen after the imposition of the targeted arms embargo". And yet, Russian Federation still vetoed the condemnation, as they were reportedly skeptical of the experts' conclusions. A second permanent member of the council, China abstained from the vote.

France, Germany, the United Kingdom and United States issued a joint statement saying Iran's non-compliance, as described by a UN panel of experts, "poses serious risks to peace and stability in the region".

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The UN experts, however, said they were unable to identify the supplier.

The joint condemnation came a day after Russian Federation vetoed a British-drafted resolution renewing sanctions on Yemen. "What we're trying, and have to to actually make these points even clearer than in the past".

In Yemen, a Saudi-led coalition has been bombing since 2015 Iran-backed Shia Houthi rebels opposed to the internationally recognised government.

Instead of taking advantage of the UNSC as an global mechanism to resolve conflicts, Washington and London have used it merely to legitimize the aggressions and covering up the war crimes committed in Yemen, the spokesman said. Iran has denied supplying the Houthis weapons.

After Russia's veto, the Security Council adopted a rival Russian draft that did not mention Iran and simply renewed the United Nations sanctions regime on Yemen for a year, Reuters reported.

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