Get ready, USA: Xiaomi smartphones could come this year

Get ready, USA: Xiaomi smartphones could come this year

Get ready, USA: Xiaomi smartphones could come this year

Smartphone sales in China fell by 4.9 per cent in 2017, the first time growth has slowed in eight years, according to IDC data. Currently, the company's US website lists Mi Box set-top box, fitness tracker, smartwatches and smart home devices.

Xiaomi has big plans in place to conquer the United States market after making its mark in India and Western Europe. While both companies said the parting was mutual, the decision came after intense political blowback from US politicians who anxious that Huawei's technology poses security risks for USA businesses and customers.

Jun says that Xiaomi has always been considering entering the United States market. It's believed that the combined telecom industries reach of both Huawei and ZTE has much of Washington anxious about exposure to national security threats.

To that last point, Huawei's plans to enter the US phone market backed by carriers like AT&T and Verizon were torpedoed by the government, which feared that the company would install backdoors on its smartphones fueling spying fears.

Jun admits that the expansion won't be a child's play. In such a scenario, the Chinese company needs to forge a deal with the topmost carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. Xiaomi is primarily a consumer company, whereas Huawei has become a giant seller of networking equipment in addition to consumer products. We need to wait and watch as to what will the Xiaomi strategy be.

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The Chinese company has a number of products that it now sells in the US, but it's relegated to streaming boxes, fitness bands, and headphones.

Xiaomi may no longer be the top OEM in China but it still is doing well.

Sensing an opening, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi says it plans to enter the USA smartphone market in late 2018 or 2019. The Chinese company, which is vigorously expanding overseas, opened a third store in Spain last week, and is increasing the number of stores in other key markets such as India.

Recent data also suggests that it is not always the USA that makes or breaks a smartphone company.

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