Apple To Stop Taking New iTunes LP Submissions

Apple To Stop Taking New iTunes LP Submissions

Apple To Stop Taking New iTunes LP Submissions

The format, built from a bundle of JavaScript controller files, CSS, HTML, XML, an iTunesMetadata.plist file, images, and videos, never took off.

A small yet colorful part of the iTunes Store will be history by year's end. The way it works is that they are automatically included in the download when purchasing a full album, but not all albums have LPs.

Recent reports suggest Apple is considering killing off iTunes, specifically its LP (long-play) music download functionality, in lieu of a Spotify-like subscription model. It is similar to the CMX format being developed by the three major record labels, and operates within the iTunes 9 to iTunes 12 software, allowing the user to view multimedia elements alongside the music. Your iTunes LP will be reviewed by iTunes for quality and appropriate content.

Yes, Apple would love it if we all moved to Apple Music for our music needs, but as long as people continue to buy digital albums and tracks in meaningful numbers, iTunes as we know it will continue to exist.

For a while now, iTunes has been the butt of many jokes for years.

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The anonymous source who leaked the email to Metro told the publication that "It's clear that streaming is the future".

The writing may be on the wall for iTunes and digital downloads following Apple's decision to stop selling iTunes LPs, according to a Metro report.

Instead, what this means is that iTunes LP content doesn't sell well, studios aren't making any significant money off of them, and Apple is done paying for the infrastructure to support them. iTunes LP is going away, not iTunes music sales.

Meanwhile, Apple Music is going from strength to strength, with The Wall Street Journal predicting its tally of paying subscribers will overtake Spotify in the USA this summer. says it saw the memo Apple sent to music industry executives.

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