'Black Panther' Sequel Officially Confirmed By Marvel Studios Head

'Black Panther' Sequel Officially Confirmed By Marvel Studios Head

'Black Panther' Sequel Officially Confirmed By Marvel Studios Head

In case you were anxious the massive success of "Black Panther" would be a one-off deal, it was confirmed Friday the film will be getting a sequel. I reminded him that it was because of The Dark Knight's exclusion that the Academy went to 10 (and now up to 10) nominees to get movies like that included, but to no avail so far.

Pays to dream big, right?

This huge push for Black Panther happened before the ticket sales were known, and now Marvel looks even smarter as these characters and locations become more important in the Cinematic Universe.

The film studio confirmed they are working on a follow-up in a feature with Entertainment Weekly. While there is no concrete information regarding the second Black Panther film, the producer does reveal that the studio has "ideas and a pretty solid direction" for the next instalment in the intended series.

For Feige, "there's a lot of potential" there.

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"Nothing specific to reveal, other than to say we absolutely will do that", Feige said when asked about the sequel.

Feige spun some words about striking a balance between wanting more and giving too much, and promised there's more Shuri (Letitia Wright) to come, then said, "Okoye, I think I'd watch three action films just Okoye".

As of Wednesday this week, Black Panther had officially out-sold Spider-Man: Homecoming in terms of presale tickets, topping its predecessor by 30 percent. But that also means they likely have an idea of how all the characters in Black Panther will pan out. All in on stuff we believe in, before the audience tells us what they think. Feige says that Marvel is committed to getting more women and people of color both in front of and behind the camera, since "we're seeing it shift from a very purposeful initiative to just a fact of life, to just a way of doing business".

Not to be outdone, Target is offering their own metal parody Black Panther shirt, a take on a classic Black Sabbath design.

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