California jobless rate falls to 4.4 percent in January

California jobless rate falls to 4.4 percent in January

California jobless rate falls to 4.4 percent in January

According to some analysts, gold is seeing little reaction to the stronger-than-expected employment data because wages continue to disappoint market expectations. February's payrolls gain was the largest since July 2016.

The healthcare industry added 19,745 jobs in February, with hospitals contributing 9,000 to that total, according to a March 9 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. New York Federal Reserve president William Dudley said that four rate increases would still constitute a "gradual" tightening. Job growth over the past year has typically been closer to 200,000 with a few exceptions. However, unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.1 %, whereas markets expected it to fall slightly to 4.0%. "This will not be lost among a FOMC that leans hawkish in 2018 and points towards an increasing probability that the central bank will hike rates four times this year".

"The BLS reports for the previous year have been looking really good", ZipRecruiter chief economist Cathy Barrera told InsideSources.

The jobs report is a monthly ritual for anyone following markets or the U.S. economy, as it contains some of the main data points measuring the health of the labor market in the world's largest economy.

Thomas unemployment rate rises to 6.7% in February
Most economists agree that public-sector job growth isn't sustainable, and private-sector job gains are needed to maintain growth. The sectors in OH gaining jobs in January included professional and business services, in which employment was up by 5,900 jobs.

Though the unemployment rate is low, broader measures of unemployment are still elevated, suggesting there is still slack in the labor market that firms can draw from to increase worker output without very aggressively bidding up wages.

Many economists believe you need to create at least 140,000 a month just to remain at replacement levels and keep up with the growth of the overall population. It's that we want people to understand what's good and what isn't good, and to make it clear that the United States of America needs to do considerably better than that if it wants to experience real prosperity.

Average hourly earnings for all employees on private payrolls rose by 4 cents to $26.75 in February, following an 7-cent gain in January. Employers look to ensure sudden economic and policy changes aren't going to undermine potential investments. First, this is monthly data, and one month is not a trend.

The unemployment rate for black men is the lowest it has been since December 1973. His administration oversaw an unusually long economic recovery throughout his presidency which followed a severe economic downturn now known as the Great Recession. But over the past year, the number of "discouraged workers" - those who want to work but have stopped looking for a job because they don't believe they will find one - has fallen almost 30 percent, to 373,000.

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