Mario Tennis Aces release date leaked ahead of Nintendo Direct

Mario Tennis Aces release date leaked ahead of Nintendo Direct

Mario Tennis Aces release date leaked ahead of Nintendo Direct

Mario Tennis Aces has over 15 characters with their own distinct characteristics and different ways to play using the Nintendo Switch.

Online tournaments will be a regular part of Mario Tennis Aces and it will be a place where players can get new clothes and even new characters. A casual mode allows you to use a JoyCon as a tennis raquet, and also have more elaborate controls with a regular controller setup.

The game also introduces a new story mode that features a variety of missions and boss battles. Leaked ahead of time, it looks like Mario's sport debut is headed to the Nintendo Switch this June, with 8 characters confirmed for its roster at launch. The online services including online play are free until the paid service launches in September 2018.

Mario Tennis: Aces is coming June 22nd. The game launches on July 13. Choose between two characters to play as, who each have eight chapters worth of gameplay to them. It will be headlining as the first entry in the sports franchise coming to Nintendo's latest gaming platform.

Undertale is being ported to the Nintendo Switch soon. This special ability allows you to dish out some damage to your opponent's racket; land three successful hits and you'll break it, resulting in them having to forfeit the match.

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Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, where you can mash and bash within The Legend of Zelda Universe, will be released May 18. The game mixes strategy with puzzle, and has you matching sushi colors in order to pile on plates to toss at your opponent.

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