Government to reveal policy paper on abortion if 8th amendment is repealed

Government to reveal policy paper on abortion if 8th amendment is repealed

Government to reveal policy paper on abortion if 8th amendment is repealed

Global Positioning System and other health practitioners will be licensed to prescribe the abortion pill.

A referendum on the country's laws is expected to take place at the end of May.

The Irish government has finalised the wording for the abortion referendum, which is set to be held in May.

The bill that will allow for the holding of a referendum on the eighth amendment was passed unanimously at a special Cabinet meeting this morning.

It should be a day that we also celebrate the bond of mother and baby and challenge those in power to provide the necessary supports so that no woman ever feels she has no choice but to go down the road of abortion.

Ministers have also been considering a policy paper outlining possible legislation if people vote to repeal the 8th Amendment.

Voters will be asked whether they approve of the statement: "Provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancies". "Retaining the Eighth Amendment will not prevent it from happening".

"These recommendations are extremely important to me as Minister for Health and to my commitment to ensuring that all women accessing maternity services should receive the same standard of safe, high-quality care", he said.

"This work has so far established that provision of free access to contraception methods, which are now limited to those with eligibility through the Primary Care Reimbursement Services, would require enabling primary legislation", said Harris.

Time is ticking on Medicaid expansion
Ralph Northam Friday signed a highly controversial Dominion power rate bill into law. Arkansas is the third state allowed to impose a work requirement on Medicaid.

The initial judgment related to an immigration case in which a Nigerian man sought to revoke a 2008 deportation order in proceedings initiated eight years later on the basis that his Irish partner was at that time pregnant with their child. Today, Mr Harris stated it will be hard to meet the May deadline.

"But I accept they represent a quantum leap from our position on the spectrum today where we have one of the most restrictive regimes in relation to termination and I think are pegged somewhere in and around where Saudi Arabia is on the issue".

"This referendum is about asking our citizens to allow women to make major decisions for themselves".

Politicians debated the draft legislation in the Dail for five hours on Friday.

Fianna Fáil's Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher believes the current laws are unfair.

"And it's about trusting our doctors to decide when continuing with a pregnancy is a risk to the life or health of a woman.Above all it's about trusting Irish people to consider this matter in depth, with compassion and empathy, as I know they will". "It is clear beyond any doubt from today's announcement from Government that a vote for repeal is a vote for abortion on demand up to birth", she added.

"There's been no rationale offered to why the entire process has had to lead to a mad rush towards May 25 as the date of the proposed referendum that will strip unborn children of all constitutional protection if the Eighth is removed".

Speaking outside Leinster House, Harris said it was appropriate that this decision was taken on International Women's Day, and that he would campaign enthusiastically in favour of repealing the eighth amendment. It was announced that Isobel Kennedy SC will chair the Referendum Commission.

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