New PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds concept art shows upcoming jungle island map

New PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds concept art shows upcoming jungle island map

New PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds concept art shows upcoming jungle island map

Information regarding the upcoming updates was posted on the game's official website.

The next few months of development on console will include improvements to optimizations, new content additions, as well as refinements to the overall console experience.

"This year we're committing to a major content delivery cycle every two months, the first of which is planned for this month".

Threads began popping up on Reddit and other social media outlets shortly after the update went live. Smaller patches and hotfixes will continue to be released as needed, especially as the Experimental Test Server grows in use.

"We have not forgotten about our core responsibility to our players-to provide a stable, smooth and secure environment for enjoying a great Battle Royale experience", said Greene.

The new PUBG map will challenge this difference head on, being only 4×4 kilometers - around a third of the size of the traditional map Erangel. As indicated before, players and their feedback will be taken into consideration in order to come up with the final product.

Game Highlights: We want players to easily capture and share in-game actions of interest, so we have integrated Game Highlights functionality on Xbox. The first and most exciting new thing is confirmation of a new four-by-four KM island map, as well as another new eight-by-eight KM map.

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Miramar will also be coming to PUBG in spring 2018, with achievements on the way too.

The biggest issue is improving the game's performance, but there's also tons of work to be done on the UI, inventory management, controller options, sound and more. The developers felt that the current 3D model movements for different situations need to be more realistic.

Mobile games and controversial real-money loot boxes (that can be traded for real-money value on Steam) have been the focus for PUBG as of late, leaving the door wide open for top competitor, free-to-play Fortnite to become the more popular game, both in player counts and in online streaming services.

As for how gameplay is going to be tweaked, a new bullet penetration system is being introduced for cars and limbs.

Elsewhere, PUBG Corp. intends to increase the detail of vehicle sounds in the first half of 2018, as well as change the sound that the player produces while moving so that it corresponds to the equipment the player is wearing.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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