First polls close in Texas with Democratic turnout high

First polls close in Texas with Democratic turnout high

First polls close in Texas with Democratic turnout high

But Tuesday also exposed the ongoing divide between Democrats' more moderate and liberal voices - divisions that dominated the party's 2016 presidential primary.

Brooke Singman is a Politics Reporter for Fox News.

The race for the senate seat in Texas is now officially on, with Sen.

That year, Democrats took back both the US House and Senate, but Republicans easily won the major statewide races in Texas, including the governorship and a US Senate election.

Nearly immediately after O'Rourke's win was announced, Cruz launched a radio ad attacking the fact that O'Rourke's first name isn't legally Beto, but is in fact Robert. (O'Rourke "wants those open borders"; he "wants to take our guns.") The real head-scratcher, though, is the fact that a Republican senator named Rafael Edward Cruz decided that implicitly questioning a political opponent's authenticity by drawing attention to the origins of their nickname is a good idea.

"Whether I'm talking to people on a train platform in Bonn, Germany, or whether I am sitting next to a lady during a Facebook interview, there's such hatred toward our president", she shares.

When asked to elaborate by CNN's Chris Cuomo, Cruz responded by launching into his stump speech about his family's path to the United States. "So serious, he released a novelty song". On Wednesday, March 7, he shared a photo of himself as young child with his nickname emblazoned on his chest.

Robert Mueller Was 'The Bachelor' In SNL's Hilarious Cold Open Last Night
The show aired a parody commercial, This is United States , featuring the "real-life drama happening in our government every day". As for the collusion question, well, Democrats banking on Trump collusion findings might want to heed SNL's quiet warning.

The Texas primary results were closely watched around the country. According to some media reports, they were venting their pent-up anger at President Donald Trump and this first state primary of the 2018 election cycle provided that opportunity. Republicans cast a little more than 56% of the primary votes to the Democrats' 44%.

While O'Rourke is of Irish descent, he speaks Spanish and represents a majority Latino district in El Paso, a far West Texas city that borders Mexico.

In another potential first, Gina Ortiz Jones's quest to become the first openly gay woman of color to be elected to U.S. Congress continued.

"I realized I wasn't a New Yorker". More likely is some change around the margins - e.g., in suburban swing districts like Southwest Austin's HD 47, where GOP incumbent Paul Workman is certainly vulnerable to either Vikki Goodwin or Elaina Fowler, in a district where Dems narrowly outvoted Republicans.

"The early indications from Texas suggest that the Democratic primary voters are more likely to prefer progressive Democrats and reject the establishment".

But O'Rourke has outraised Cruz in recent months and Democratic turnout for Tuesday's primaries was the highest its been since 2002.

It's all about turnout.


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