International Solar Alliance: Focus was on capacity building, says MEA spokesperson

International Solar Alliance: Focus was on capacity building, says MEA spokesperson

International Solar Alliance: Focus was on capacity building, says MEA spokesperson

Subsequently, France joined as co-promoter, with then French President Francois Hollande joining Modi to launch the grouping under the ISA tag at the Paris climate summit. In addition, India aims to produce approximately 1 lakh megawatt solar energy by the year 2022. Firstly, identify solar energy potential in each country, their projects and financing requirement.

"To promote the use of solar energy, the availability of technology and development, economic resources, reduction in prices, development of storage technology, mass manufacturing, and innovation require a complete ecosystem", he said. "We should look at our solar energy policy development in totality so that this can play a role in meeting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the UN)".

Also, innovation has to be encouraged so as to provide solutions to different needs.

They stressed the importance of mobilising public and private funds to support the development of solar energy. Stressing on inclusiveness, Modi said a vast network of centres of excellence had to be created. The country has increased its solar power capacity by about eight times over the past four years. "We have to strengthen ISA Secretariat and make it professional".

He said that by 2022 India will have built up the capacity to generate 175 gigawatts (GW) of power from renewable energy sources, double the current capacity.

The French President thanked the Indian Prime Minister for India's support to the initiative to work on a global pact for the environment, the statement said. It was an outreach to countries of the global south to fill the crucial demand for affordable, reliable, clean energy crucial to improving living standards and way out of poverty for millions.

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He lauded India's solar commitments that has 20 GW installed solar capacity - one of the fastest growing in the world. Solar and wind power tariffs have dropped to an all-time low of Rs 2.44 per unit and Rs 3.46 per unit, among the lowest in the world.

India today congratulated Egypt for signing the framework agreement of the International Solar Alliance, a treaty-based global body for promotion of solar energy in alliance with 121 countries.

Thirty-two countries including India, France, Australia, Bangladesh, Sudan, Sri Lanka, the UAE and Venezuela have already signed and ratified the ISA agreement while 30 countries including Algeria, Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria and Yemen have signed but not ratified the same. "Today, when we are looking for a way to tackle the challenges of climate change, we have to look at the balanced and holistic view of India's ancient philosophy", he said.

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an alliance of more than 121 countries.

As per the agenda they will also consider off-grid solar applications to cater to the energy requirements of poorer and/or remote communities and also facilitate awareness and skills enhancement of local communities in the monitoring and maintenance of solar technologies in the member countries. "Promoting its development and use can bring prosperity for all and can help reduce the carbon footprint on Earth". "We came to ask the topics on the table and give access to solar energy in the world", he added.

The joint goal is to have 1 TW of solar energy by 2020 for which "we need Dollars 1,000 billion", he said.

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