Lisa Bonet says TV father Bill Cosby gave off a 'sinister' energy

Lisa Bonet says TV father Bill Cosby gave off a 'sinister' energy

Lisa Bonet says TV father Bill Cosby gave off a 'sinister' energy

In a new interview with Net-a-Porter the actress breaks her silence on her former cast mate Bill Cosby.

While Lisa Bonet maintains that she had no prior knowledge of the alleged incidents, she does reveal that she had a bad feeling about her boss for years. "There was just energy", she said in a March PorterEdit cover story. "That's my nature. The truth will set you free".

"It's exactly as I remember it", she said.

Bill Cosby has always been something of a moral scold. She posed topless in Interview magazine, and had a nude sex scene in Angel Heart, which Cosby openly disapproved of.

However, the true abuse of power came when Bonet got pregnant.

She is one of the few stars from the show that have not publicly defended the once-beloved patriarch of the series.

Here's what Bonet had to say about Cosby and his sexual assault retrial coming up shortly in the Philadelphia area.

I explained to him how I wanted to use it on the show because that would be a great thing.

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Bonet landed her role as Denise when she was just 16 years old, and she and Cosby tended to disagree on how she used her newfound fame. "So you can't have it, no we're not gonna do it, no".

Even though Bonet is entitled to the last laugh here, she's being graceful.

Cosby had a vision and I guess it was hard for him to interrupt his creative vision for something outside of his control.

This kind of mentality sounds very familiar. Lisa Bonet was not Denise. However her daughter Zoe Kravitz set the record straight. It shows a lack of respect for their bodies and their bodily autonomy as women.

It was then rumored that their creative differences is what lead to Bonet eventually being fired from the show.

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