Almost half of U.S. arms exports go to the Middle East

Almost half of U.S. arms exports go to the Middle East

Almost half of U.S. arms exports go to the Middle East

The U.S. recorded a blazing growth in its arms exports to India, recording over 550% growth in 2013-17 compared with the previous five years.

Russia, the world's second greatest exporter, saw a decline of 7.1% in its general volume of arms sends out; U.S. trades were 58% higher than those of Russia.

Israel increased its imports by 125%, receiving arms mainly from the US, Germany and Italy.Iran, which is under an worldwide arms embargo, spends a fraction of what its Arab neighbours spend on weapons, instead relying on proxies and soft power to advance its policies. US arms exports increased by about 25 percent, accounting for 34 percent of global weapons sales, while arms sales of leading competitor Russian Federation decreased by 7.1 percent between 2008-2012 and 2013-2017. "Its imports increased by 24% between 2008-12 and 2013-17", SIPRI, which monitors global arms transfers, said in the report released on Monday.

"These deals and further major contracts signed in 2017 will ensure that the United States of America remains the largest arms exporter in the coming years", Dr. Aude Fleurant, director of the SIPRI's arms and military expenditure program, told the Guardian.

Pakistan's arms imports fell by 36% from 2008-'12 to 2013-'17. While it was the world's fifth largest arms importer in 2013-17, China has also emerged as the fifth largest arms exporter, with exportsrising by 38% between 2008-12 and 2013-17.

It also accounted for 71 percent of weapons imports to Bangladesh and for 70 percent of imports to India's nuclear-armed rival, Pakistan.

The share of top arms exporter, the US, rose to 34 percent in 2013-2017 from 30 percent in 2008-2012, it said. USA arms exports in 2013-17 were 58 per cent higher than those of Russia-the second largest arms exporter in that period.

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Over the past five years, France has been the most successful country in forging a close relationship with Egypt in the arms industry. In fact, Indian arms imports have increased in the past five years, despite a continued push for indigenous production.

In 2013-17, Saudi Arabia was the world's second largest arms importer, behind India, with arms imports increasing by 225 percent. The SIPRI report notes that while European Union member-states and the U.S. have imposed arms embargoes due to the use of force against the Rohingyas, China is the main weapons supplier.

'China, by contrast, is becoming increasingly capable of producing its own weapons and continues to strengthen its relations with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar through arms supplies'.

Notably, Algeria accounted for 52 percent of all African imports over the last five years.

India's arms imports accounted for 12 per cent of the total arms transfers in the world.

It said Tokyo turned to the U.S. for several types of advanced weapons between 2013 and 2017, including the first batches of a total of 42 combat aircraft. China was the fifth largest arms exporter, with Pakistan the main recipient of its arms. Earlier this year, the German government said it would stop approving arms exports to anyone participating in the war in Yemen.

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