Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed "60 Minutes" interview

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed "60 Minutes" interview

Grilled by CBS' Lesley Stahl on a number of issues, DeVos clung to her belief in creating more schooling options for families rather than spending money to improve existing public schools.

She went on to claim that studies show "when there is a large number of students that opt to go to a different school or different schools, the traditional public schools, the results get better as well". On Sunday, the Secretary of Education appeared on 60 Minutes, which did not go, objectively speaking, well.

Michigan's public schools struggled before DeVos, but they are an even bigger mess now, with test scores falling and students in charter schools failing to meet the basic standards for reading proficiency.

Stahl: Have the public schools in MI gotten better?


"I hesitate to talk about all schools in general because schools are made of individual students attending them."


Maybe try to figure out what they're doing?' Stahl asked, continuing to press her. And that's problematic for DeVos because she's been active in pushing reform efforts tilted toward charter and private schools there for decades, so the state serves as a model of the sort of educational system DeVos is working toward nationwide.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins says that Trump Administration officials are extremely concerned with Betsy DeVos after how badly the Secretary of Education did in her recent media hits.

And it didn't end there. Stahl: Have you seen the really bad schools?

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Devos is such a believer in charter schools that she has refused to look back to see the damage left behind in the wake of her own success.

'Maybe I should. Yes, ' DeVos responded. "There is no doubt about it", she continued, admitting that she does not "intentionally (visit) schools that are underperforming".

Not only does DeVos admit that she has not put a priority on visiting underperfoming schools - why not?? - but also capitulates the point entirely to Stahl.

"Maybe I should. Yes", said the secretary. "I think probably there, I would imagine that there is probably a gun in the schools to protect from potential grizzlies", she had said.

DEVOS: Sometimes it does. The most glaring omission in the plan is Trump's promise for universal background checks and raising the minimum age to purchase certain firearms to 21, which host Savannah Guthrie pointed out to DeVos.

DeVos' passion for school and community choice also transferred into how she views school safety.

The education secretary was unable to say whether the number of false accusations of sexual assaults in schools was higher than the number of assaults. I don't know. But I'm committed to a process that's fair for everyone involved. How can she not have an opinion on whether sexual assault and false accusations are the same?

During her confirmation hearing past year, DeVos memorably supported the idea of arming teachers - perhaps against grizzly bears, she joked.

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