Family files lawsuit over lost embryos at University Hospitals

Family files lawsuit over lost embryos at University Hospitals

Family files lawsuit over lost embryos at University Hospitals

Meanwhile, a nitrogen storage container at Pacific Fertility Center in California also malfunctioned on March 4, putting thousands of frozen embryos and eggs in danger. Women freeze eggs in order to postpone pregnancy until a later date or to have a supply for in vitro fertilization attempts.

A local law firm stated that it's now flooded with phone calls from patients who want to sue after reported freezer malfunctioned may have made their thousands of eggs and Embryos no longer viable. In the case in OH, the facility said the only way to determine the viability of the eggs and the embryos of 700 patients is to fully thaw them.

Herbert told the Post his discussions with patients were emotional. Another filled tank replaced it, and the tissue specimens were transferred. The increased temperature risks damage to the eggs and embryos.

"What is most disturbing to me is that everyone I talked to has been informed by UH that their embryos are not viable, they've been destroyed, different from what has been out there publicly which has been that they've been compromised, we don't know". The temperature inside one of the center's cryo tanks rose, meaning the eggs and embryos inside may have been damaged.

The incidence takes place on March 4 at Pacific Fertility Clinic updated on Sunday about the damage of these eggs and embryos. "This was a bad incident", Herbert said, "but I was reassured that.he did everything anybody could ever want to do". Herbert said the problem was "immediately rectified", and he also praised the clinic's decision to replace the troubled tank with the new one. Many patients demanding answers and a lot of them still think how this could happen. For patients, the devastating news of that malfunction is now compounded by an agonizing wait to see if their eggs and embryos are still viable.

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According to the clinic's website, its fees for egg freezing are $8,345 for the initial cycle and $6,995 for each subsequent round. The only way to determine if they've been damaged is to let them thaw, but they can not be frozen again.

"They turned on the TV and saw it themselves and thought 'We have just lost our family's most valuable treasure, '" DiCello said.

Dr Carl Herbert, president of the facility, said doctors called patients on Saturday to inform them of the failure.

An Ohio family has filed a class action lawsuit against the hospital where officials estimate about 2,000 frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged by a storage tank malfunction. Some dated to the 1980s. Hospital officials say the lawsuits will not affect an ongoing investigation into what happened.

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